Reaching Your Goals

Let’s face it. Many of us make lofty goals when the calendar turns a new year. Some of our resolutions and promises for change can stick. But most of what we would like to change often doesn’t happen.Life happens and things get in the way. We get off track and end up waiting until the next year…just to try it all over again.

And after 2020, we are ALL ready to make life-transforming changes that last!

Are you ready to REALLY make it happen this time?

Do you want to achieve specific goals or obtain better balance and grow in your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, or relational health?

Do you already have a plan for positive change and are doing well but need someone to help you design a plan that will keep you on track?

Do you want to learn keys to enjoying romantic relationships?

Do you want to know how to respond to difficult people and family members?

THIS YEAR don’t let your hope, dream, desire, inspiration, and motivation fade with the Spring when other New Year’s resolution-ers lose their momentum.

THIS YEAR work on a plan designed just for you….a plan that considers your strengths and areas in which you need to grow.

THIS YEAR work on experiencing positive, lasting changes!

This year, change your GAME!

Guidance. Accountability. Motivation. Energy.

Whatever your positive goal is this year, you can experience greater chances of success** by creating and sticking to a concrete, attainable plan created just for you!

Meeting with a trained and caring counselor who wants you to succeed can provide you with a life-changing experience.

In only 3 – 6 sessions,* you and Alex can design a personalized plan for you to make the positive changes you have been wanting to make for months…or even years!

Alex has the skills to help and the desire to see people just like you succeed!

Alex uses evidence-based Solution-Focused Brief Therapy to collaborate with clients and develop goals, strategies, and objectives that are most suitable for each of his clients. Using a goal-oriented model for change, Alex teaches his clients a planning process they will use long after they finish meeting with him!

Make this year one you will ALWAYS remember… 

the year you took your goals to another level!

the year you achieved what you set out to do!

*To break long-standing behavioral patterns and addictions and to enjoy lasting changes, additional meetings beyond 6 sessions will likely be needed.

**Meeting with Alex to develop a plan does not guarantee specific results or that each client will indeed reach their stated goals. However, a thorough plan of action that works for each specific client will be created and followed to provide each client a personalized strategic plan to give them an increased chance to reach their positive goals.

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