Counseling for Men

Counseling for Young Men and Adult Men


Navigating through life’s demands and considering our purpose on this earth are areas with which many men can identify. We often consider where we’ve been and wonder where we’re headed. We might wonder if there is more to life. Stress and pressure from relationships and expectations on our job or job search can leave us feeling overwhelmed. We might be left feeling stuck and hopeless that things will get better. Talking with a counseling professional can help.

Counseling can be a place to be real and get to the issues, and this can happen when a trusting relationship is established. Together we can discover how we can put some of your existing strengths to work for you in areas where you currently struggle. You could experience great benefit from hearing new ideas that arise out of discussing your personal situation. Together we will consider your specific circumstances and strategize to help you achieve your goals and work toward living a more fulfilling and peaceful existence.

Men, give your wife the gift she will always remember!

Together, you and she can explore research-supported ways to connect and build deeper intimacy!

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SEXUAL ADDICTIONS affect everyone! If you think you have a problem with out-of-control sexual behaviors, PLEASE contact us to get help. You can regain control and experience freedom and connection in your relationships as you write the rest of your life story! Visit for information about joining Alex’s men’s group or seeing him individually. He is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist and loves to help with prevention and all stages of the addiction process.               


Sometimes it’s difficult for adults to understand or recall the many issues teenagers face. Freedom and respect are as important as ever in this stage of life and in the continual
development of a strong male identity.

Having a safe, confidential place and person with whom you can engage in conversations about life, school, work, and relationships is essential.

Having experienced various challenges during his teenage years, Alex can identify with specific issues that young men can experience at this age.

Together, you and Alex can examine what is important in your life, what might be getting in the way of getting what you want, and how you can enjoy life today and in the future!

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