What are EFT and Hold Me Tight®?

It’s time to get and stay connected!

Developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, the Hold Me Tight® couples educational program is based on the theory and practical application of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). EFT, developed by Dr. Johnson over the past 20 years, has been demonstrated by multiple empirical research studies to be the most successful couples therapy model all over the world!

Studies show that approximately 90% of couples that have experienced EFT have improved their relationship. EFT has also worked for couples in which the men have been described by their wives as “inexpressive.”

What will I find in the Hold Me Tight® book?

Primarily, the content found in Hold Me Tight® is based on the EFT model (as introduced above). Using numerous couples’ real stories, the author leads readers through seven “Conversations” beginning with discovering the communication patterns and negative cycles in which couples get stuck.

Moving through the remaining conversations, couples learn about themselves and each other so they may better connect as a couple and build a stronger sense of connection and intimacy to establish a secure and lasting relationship bond. The final Conversation gives couples practical examples to make their relationship remain strong for a lifetime.

What specifically will we be doing in the Hold Me Tight® class?  

Alex A. Avila, an EFT-trained, masters-level therapist has thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the Hold Me Tight® Couple Workshop over 40 times since 2011!

Alex will teach and facilitate the group experience and show DVD segments of Dr. Sue Johnson while taking couples through each of the Seven Conversations. Private couple breakout exercises help couples apply this new learning to their current, relevant interactions to build a stronger couple bond. Participants need not share anything when they return to the larger group.

Is it worth the investment of time and money?

Much research shows that couples with healthy marriages experience increased physical health. Stronger couple relationships contribute to improved family relationships, and secure relationships at home carry over to improvement in other life areas such as improved work performance and job satisfaction.

The time investment in this couples group is small. Eight sessions in this two-day workshop can begin to truly help couples understand each other more, stop negative cycles, enjoy better interactions, and build deeper intimacy!

This financial investment is minimal compared to the complicated and painful physical, mental, and emotional costs associated with maintaining a distant, conflicted relationship or divorce. The program cost  is equivalent to paying for 3-4 couple therapy sessions.

Many couples have reported that this 14-hour intensive experience has significantly boosted their couple intimacy! Read over 70 testimonials

This year, invest in your most important relationship on earth!

Call Alex at 720-316-7771 for more information and register today!

Limited to 10 couples, these workshops fill up fast.

(Hold Me Tight is a trademark registered to Sue Johnson.)