Engaged-Premarital Couples Classes & Counseling

Feeling special, looking good, and having a wonderful wedding will be a day you will always cherish. I hope you make awesome memories!!


The wedding is one day
. The marriage relationship is a lifetime.

My main purpose is to help couples feel confident and well-equipped on their wedding day for their future marriage relationship!

I offer couples relationship education through workshops and private couples counseling.  I have a master’s degree in counseling and completed additional training to help couples build intimacy that will last! I have also facilitated numerous couples classes and premarital counseling sessions.

This next stage of your relationship is an exciting transition!

Do not let expense get in the way of launching your marriage with a solid foundation. Put marriage relationship education on your bridal registry! People who care about you will want your marriage to succeed. If helpful, you can have six family members and friends each pay for one session of private pre-marriage counseling or a few people pay for a skills class!

You may think, “But I don’t need counseling.” Couples who have prepared for their marriage with skills classes and pre-marriage counseling are very happy they did! When else can you focus on your relationship with an experienced couples counselor who acts as a neutral party and who believes in your fully enjoying a lasting, connected marriage?

Counseling is NOT my investigating what may be wrong with you or how you or your partner may need to change.

With Alex, Counseling will look different than what you may have heard or experienced. I will hear from you and your partner and together we will identify anything that might be getting in the way of you two experiencing a true connection.

I will also share with you communication, conflict resolution, individual stress and mood management techniques and many more relationship skills and insights that you will use for many years!

With many couples I also use the PREPARE/ENRICH online assessment, which over 3 million couples have used to learn about their specific strength and growth areas!

Choose a time and session duration that is convenient for you! I see many couples each week during daytime and evening hours with flexible 1, 2, and 3-hour session options. Peak appointment times do fill up fast. So call or email for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

You can also reserve a free 30-minute in-person consultation so I can personally meet you and your partner to answer your questions. You can also get a feel for my warm and welcoming professional office.


One of the BEST ways to enjoy a lasting intimate marriage relationship is to engage in the 40 Forms of Intimacy® and/or Hold Me Tight® Couples Experience!

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Call Alex today at 720-316-7771 or send a quick email to alex@alexanderavila.com