Why Premarital Education?

Get equipped for the road ahead!

Stepping into a serious commitment such as engagement and marriage should be a well-informed decision. During couple workshops and pre-marital counseling, you will gain insight and practical advice and tools that you will use long after the flowers wilt!

“But we get along great and don’t seem to have any serious problems. Can’t we just learn as we go?” Not exactly. Even couples who feel they are extremely compatible can run into trouble when they encounter stressful, unexpected circumstances.

Couples who have participated in pre-marital couples education are thankful that they invested early on in their relationship! Evidence-based techniques help couples communicate, handle conflict well, and understand and meet each other’s needs.

And when married people get along well, they can experience deeper emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy and enjoy satisfaction in many other life areas!

Alex frequently uses PREPARE-ENRICH, a research-supported online assessment, in both group education and private couple counseling sessions. This tool helps couples learn about individual and relationship strengths, differences, and the many factors that impact romantic relationships.

As a PREPARE-ENRICH Seminar Director, Alex also teaches therapists and clergy to become PREPARE-ENRICH facilitators.

Call today for information about the Men’s Class and Couples Class! Combining skills-based classes with 6-12 sessions of private counseling can give you the best confidence for your marriage relationship! Private couple counseling is much more personalized and focused on you and your partner and any specific concerns you may have.

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