Dating & Engaged Couples

Looking for marriage education in Colorado? Alex’s primary professional goal is to help couples create and experience lasting, connected relationships. He pursues this passion by helping couples at all stages and seasons of their relationship through private couples counseling and group education.

Engage in one or more of the following experiences to get the best out of your romantic relationship:

  • Dating / Pre-engaged Couples Counseling
  • Engaged Couples Counseling / Premarital Counseling
  • Pre-engaged and Engaged Couples Workshops and Classes
  • Newly-Married Couples Education & Discussion Groups
  • Marriage Counseling and Married Couples Workshops

Dating/Pre-engaged couples are couples who are dating and seriously thinking about taking the next step of getting engaged. Before making a lasting commitment, obtaining couples counseling can help each partner feel more secure and confident as they consider engagement. Experiencing counseling at this stage can also promote a satisfying and lasting marriage.

Engaged/Pre-marital couples who are currently engaged can also experience great benefit from couples counseling. The seven areas below will be discussed as well as each partner’s personal concerns as the wedding approaches. Positive and negative stressors and issues related to wedding planning along with healthy ways of coping will also be addressed.

Why Pre-Marital Counseling?

Stepping into a serious commitment such as engagement and marriage should be a well-informed decision. During counseling, you will gain insight and practical advice and tools that you will use long after the flowers wilt!
“But we don’t seem to have any serious problems, and can’t we just learn as we go?” Not exactly. Even couples who feel they are extremely compatible can run into trouble when they encounter stressful, unexpected circumstances. There is hope for people who have not experienced connected relationships in the past. Specific insights and skills for communicating and relating well can be learned!

Counseling gives you a focused, personal look at yourself, your partner, and your future together! Learning evidence-based techniques can help you communicate and handle conflict well. And when married people get along well, they can experience deeper emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy and enjoy satisfaction in many other life areas!

Alex frequently uses PREPARE-ENRICH, a research-supported assessment that couples can take online. In fact, he teaches counselors and other facilitators to use it with couples. This tool helps them learn about strengths, differences, and the many factors that impact romantic relationships.

In pre-engaged and pre-marital counseling with Alex, some areas that will be assessed and discussed include:

1.       Creating a core vision for your marriage
2.       Enjoying clear communication
3.       Resolving conflict and staying connected
4.       Putting differences to work for you
5.       Experiencing multiple-level intimacy
6.       Adjusting to your partner’s personality and habits
7.       Budgeting and managing finances
8.       Managing extended family and friend interactions
9.  …and Creating a connection that lasts!

Of course, additional topic areas will be included based on each couple’s specific relationship concerns and dynamics.

For some pre-engaged and pre-marital couples in certain circumstances, an effective counseling experience can happen over 6-12 sessions. Premarital couples classes also provide an enriching experience when added to private couple counseling.

*Special pricing for private premarital counseling is available for couples who have attended a qualifying seminar, group, or workshop.

To learn more about the couple assessment that over 3 million couples have taken, visit PREPARE/ENRICH. Then come back to this website to secure your spot!

Please visit Relationship Institute of the Rockies to view and register for Pre-engaged, Engaged, and Newlywed PREPARE/ENRICH® Couples Classes and other couples workshops and retreats.

You will take the online couple assessment, and join a few more couples to learn practical skills you can use for life!

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With many people involved with wedding planning,
let counseling be a time for just you and your partner to focus on the important days ahead.

Hold Me Tight™ Couples Workshop Experience!

Couples who have attended the
Hold Me Tight Workshop have said:

“This was the best program I have ever seen. Alex did a phenomenal job guiding us and teaching us.”  M & A

“My fiance and I took the Hold Me Tight workshop as an alternative to pre-marital counseling through our church. We loved it! We had no idea what to expect but walk away with a greater understanding of ourselves as individuals, as a couple, and what our needs and sore points are. We highly, highly recommend it!”  K.S.

“This program has really given me/us a sense of hope. I think it’s truly the beginning to our ‘happily ever after.’ Thank you Alex, from the bottom of our hearts.”  – A.S. & S.S.

“Wonderful format. Safe environment. Great guidance and instruction to create and improve our relationship to form lasting connections both physically and emotionally. I would recommend to any couple no matter where you are in your relationship. We used this as premarital counseling, and it would complement any work towards preparation for marriage. Thank you Alex!” – Miaken

The EFT approach is easy to identify with. I would recommend it for anyone in a relationship of any kind. A workshop helps couples see they are not alone.” E.P.

Learn more about Hold Me Tight workshops!